Alessandra Piazza

Job title and company

Global Brand Supply Chain Manager (Color Categories/Lipstick) – MAC Cosmetics (Estee Lauder Companies)


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Manhattan College (2014)

What do you do?

I manage all of the new lipstick product launches (globally) for MAC Cosmetics. As a project manager, I develop and manage the timelines needed to successfully launch new products from conception to shipping, while resolving issues that arise and insuring the required inventory levels are met. In addition, I work with all of the different cross functional brands and act as the liaison between them (Marketing, Product Development, Global Supplier Relations, Packaging, Data Management, Research & Development, Manufacturing, etc.)

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part about my job is working with so many different teams. When you are able to understand how each aspect of a new launch is intertwined, it allows you to learn a lot about the business, both in the details and the big picture, which I find very interesting. In addition, I grew up playing sports and I have always enjoying being in a team-oriented environment. When you are working on new product launches you need to be able to have a team-oriented perspective since ever member of the team is vital to the success of the launch.

What inspired you to enter into your field?

Ever since I was a kid, I always enjoyed math and science. However, aside from my natural pull to the material, what really drew me into the STEM field were the endless career options and possibilities. When you decide on what college to go to or what to major in, it’s a hard decision. You don’t have experience working in many industries at such a young age or fully understand where you want to end up. What I loved about majoring in Chemical Engineering is that it kept every opportunity open. I could have a career in food, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, cosmetics, business, finance or even teaching. I could even go on to become a lawyer or doctor. I didn’t have to decide what I wanted to do or limit myself in anyway. In addition, when you have an engineering degree, every employer knows that you can problem solve and that you know how to work hard – those traits are very valuable.